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Amari Product Testing

Amari takes product safety, potency and purity very seriously

Our approach to product safety meets or exceeds State and Federal guidelines for supplements. Please click the links below for our health and safety verification results by product and lot number.

Amari Recovery Lot 21040 Cannabinoid Profile
Amari Recovery Lot 21040 Health & Safety Testing

Amari Everyday Calm Lot 20267 - Cannabinoid Profile
Amari Everyday Calm Lot 20267 - Health & Safety Testing

Amari Mend Lot 20280 - Health & Safety Testing
Amari Zen Lot 20281- Health & Safety Testing

Amari manufactures to supplement standards.
Amari's supply chain consists of the leading, trustworthy suppliers for the supplement industry. Each of our raw ingredients is tested for product safety and the identity of the ingredient is verified by a 3rd party lab. During our manufacturing process, we verify that the blending is done correctly before 1 packet is packaged. Before we ship anything to our customers, the final CBD products are then tested again for cannabinoids, residual solvents, residual pesticides, biological safety as well as heavy metals. We take these extra steps to provide our customers the best product possible.

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