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Active Vitality

"You've got this!"

That simple mantra is great when you are standing at the top of a challenging ski run, about to hit the final uphill on your epic hike, adding more weight to your set in the gym, or walking into a big meeting at the office. It is the perfect inner monologue to help calm the butterflies and finish strong.

Amari believes that same mantra can be applied to your health. You’ve got this, because Amari's Four Elements of Active Vitality are in your control:

Activity - Daily physical activity is the best way to stay healthy - both physically & emotionally. We believe that having fun at the same time is just as important!
Recovery - Aches and pains go hand in hand with being active and they shouldn't keep us from getting back out there and doing it again. Effective recovery is an essential component of an active lifestyle.
Calm - Rest and relaxation are what keep the inner fire burning, keep stress at bay and allow the body and mind to recharge. They are essential for your nervous system and endocrine system to repair and function effectively, allowing your body to build, restore, and function optimally so you can charge hard – for the long-term.
Immunity - A resilient immune system that's strong and reacts quickly keeps us healthy and ensures we can thrive in our favorite pursuits.

Amari’s blend of plant-based ingredients support your active vitality and healthy lifestyle by reducing inflammation due to exercise, helping improve joint comfort & health, and helping you relax and recover from your adventures. So you can do it again and again. Our convenient, effective products make it easy for you to stay active and stay healthy!

So, get outside, go skiing, go hiking, take a bike ride, perfect that challenging yoga pose. We will be here for you when you get home, it's all about being able to Play Longer and Recover Faster.

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Stay active. Stay healthy.

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