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Tips to Integrate Amari Into Your Wellness Routine: Post-Activity, Pre-Beer

Tips to Integrate Amari Into Your Wellness Routine: Post-Activity, Pre-Beer

Thanks to the healthy inflammation response encouraged by our adaptogenic ingredients, Amari is a mighty tool in your kit for playing longer and recovering faster. We're sharing four ideas to integrate Amari into your wellness routine, you’ll be flushing toxins out of your body while preparing for the next challenge at the same time.  Please check out our news page to see the other ideas!

The easiest way to incorporate Amari into your health and wellness routine is to make it a post-activity habit. We recommend stashing a reusable bottle full of Amari and ice cold water in the car to rehydrate at the trailhead after a hike or mountain bike ride.

Finishing up a workout at home? Mix Amari into a recovery smoothie loaded with fresh fruits and antioxidant-rich ingredients like kale or spinach. That way you’ll be refueling your body with powerful adaptogens, rather than going straight for your favorite IPA. (Although when you’re ready to reach into the fridge, we would be happy to recommend a number of local Front Range brews!)

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